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So I have been the worst at keeping up with posting and with trying to be healthy. I started a new job in April and I’ve let it be an excuse to be lazy. In my defense, I’ve been exhausted and it’s a big change to go from having all the free time in the world for working out and meal prep, to working full time. I’m really hoping that I can get my ass back in to gear this month. The whole month of April was pretty much a throw away. My biggest problem is that I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. Big transitions, like starting a new job, throw me way out of whack and make it much harder for me to self-regulate. Something I’ve learned about myself, since I started really trying to overcome my illness, is that I really need a schedule and a plan. Without one, I tend to take my sweet time and let things fall by the wayside. In the last few weeks, without having much of a plan for staying healthy, I’ve notice being more depressed again. So I’ve decided that this month my goal will be to form a detailed self-care plan. It is going to include a daily checklist of things I need to accomplish every day, a weekly goal, as well as specific rewards and relaxation plans. I’m really hoping that this will help me move towards my goal of being an emotionally and physically healthy person. 

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